NAOS. In the various shades of meaning, Naos invokes images of dwelling, abode, habitation, temple and shrine: it is the sanctuary, a sacred edifice, the Holy of Holies and the Holy Place.

All these variations derive from the word "naio" meaning the dwell. It is indeed a word of great significance.

Of particular interest is the strong connection in Ionian, Doric and Attic Greek ancient dialects between naos/naio and diverse words such as: "nous" (mind), "naus" (ship and hence nave, nausea and nautical), "nneuo" (signal, nod), "nao" (flow) and "nama" (spring, source of water). And so, while "dwelling" suggests something stable and immobile, so many of the derivations of "naos" give one the sensation of motion and flow.

A sea journey comes to mind - be it an ancient Homeric adventure or a modern Odyssey. These meanings express the flow of thought - the very floe of life - or simply the arrival at the sanctuary. Perhaps man's most constant reference points are his ability to be adaptable and to withstand adversity, and more so his capability to perceive the privet fleeting moment of ecstasy when he approaches the Divine. 

The purpose of this site is to present some of the creations that have established NAOS as a responsible and creative unit, a living and sensitized cell which, above all, respects the spiritual dimension of its services.

It is the comprehensive result of years of persistent work, artistic creativity and a deep knowledge of the ecclesiastical field and its particularities.
An experienced, specialized staff and collaboration with well known artists and hagiographers guarantee the quality and technical excellence of every piece of work that leaves our workshop.

Our professional activities are related with Greek as well as international fields and our products adorn many cathedrals, churches and monasteries.

Apart from the samples shown here, our workshop can execute various designs of Byzantine and Russian art, and we can accept any special order.






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